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What is Flickrock?

Flickrock is a free viewer application that works using the official Flickr sharing API.
We want to provide photographers a suitable frame to showcase their portfolio. We designed Flickrock to enhance the image browsing experience allowing to show and discover photo galleries increasing the visibility of the original Flickr site.

Why Flickrock is an outstanding way to showcase photos?

How can I see my own photo gallery in Flickrock?

Just add your Flickr user id or alias name after in your browser's address bar… and voilà!

What about copyright and privacy on Flickrock?

All photographs shown on Flickrock might be copyrighted by their respective owners. Flickrock does not host photos, store any user identifiable data, or infringe international copyright laws.

Our application uses an inline linking technology to show the images stored on Flickr's servers and reflects whatever Flickr provides through its sharing API.
Flickrock is fully compliant with the guidelines and terms of use of Flickr API: photos are linked back to its original Flickr page, so there can be no misunderstanding about the image origin, author or copyright.
More about privacy on Flickr here.

Because the photos are not hosted on Flickrock and are instead surfaced to the end user directly from Flickr using their sharing API, please contact Flickr directly for any concerns that you might have about how Flickr makes your photos available through their API.

Does Flickrock display my private photos?

Flickrock respects your privacy and only allows other people to see your public Flickr photos.
If you authorize Flickrock to access your Flickr, you'll be able to see your own private photos but for everyone else these photos are not visible on Flickrock as they are not public on Flickr.

Flickrock only displays public photos exactly as they are set on Flickr's privacy options.
If you want to opt out from third party services as Flickrock having access to your photos using Flickr API, you can set it on your Flickr preferences. You can opt out on this page by selecting both:

You can opt out on this page by selecting both:

  1. Hide your photostream from searches on 3rd party sites that use the API
  2. Your profile - hide me from searches

Once you opt out on Flickr your photos will no longer be displayed through Flickrock application. Please wait up to 24 hours for this change to take place.

Note: Flickrock uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr or Yahoo.

How can I see other photo galleries on Flickrock?

Discover new photostreams and look out the amazing work of other photographers using Flickrock’s explorer page.
You can also snoop around on other user's favorite photostreams. Look it up at the avatar box on the left side of the screen!

Who made Flickrock?

Project & Development:
Mikelpierre // LinkedIn

Graphic Layout:
Marie López Alonso

How was Flickrock developed?

The site is built in Python and Django, but the task was made possible by some excellent tools:

How can I get in touch with Flickrock?

If you have any comments and suggestions or just want to say hello, please send us an e-mail. Your feedback is welcome!

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If you like our application, feel free to spread the word among your friends and colleagues sharing Flickrock galleries on social networks, blogs, websites and all over the universe!

Thank you!

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